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Printed Roller Banners For Events

Printed Roller Banners For Events

This week at Ndigital we produced a set of five colour roller banners for a customer’s upcoming exhibition. These banners ‘roll-away’ into secure, solid and durable metal containers, making them perfect for transporting (if you need to lug something up and down the country in the back of vans, these will take it!)



Why Have a Set of Roller Banners Made up?

Our customer used their roller banners for an industry-specific exhibition, making them stand out amongst competitors in a busy environment, but that’s not all roller banners can be used for. You can use a roller banner for just about anything, some good uses are: a static sign at the entrance of a shop/office, promotional stand to show off seasonal offers, or to simply display information that requires more space.

Another reason is portabilityRoller banners are very portable, folding away into a compact cylindrical container that can be put in the back of a small car, be carried under your arm with ease, or stored away discreetly when not in use.


Your Custom Design – What Goes on a Roller Banner?

Because of the large canvas of white space, there’s a lot to play around with space-wise on a roller banner. We’ll print your custom design so the banner becomes yours, this may be an existing design you’ve used for previous banners, or it may be something you haven’t yet designed. Here’s a run down of what to think about when designing your own roller banner:

Get visual: First of all, the banner is at a size where images, logos and slogans can be maximised and blown-up, chances are you’re going to want to promote your business/organisation and get noticed, so use plenty of visuals.

Use Your Head: Roller banners stand up tall, just like your customers, so make the most of what’s at eye-level; put your key points in that area, it’s what people will see straight away.

Get Your Message Out There: Although roller banners are a visual, impact-making statement, they should also contain useful information that will inevitably lead your potential customer into a sales conversation or phone call, so make sure you’re getting your message across in the right words.


Want Your Own Roller Banner?

If you think a a roller banner is what you need, give us a call on 01942 729548, we’re happy to talk about your requirements. Alternatively, send an email to us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.