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The Life Cycle of a Leaflet

Have you ever wondered how we print our leaflets? Recently we let a camera crew inside our Golborne print studio to see exactly how a leaflet is printed.   A Carefully-crafted Process From the initial design setup stages, all the way through to cutting and packing, join us as we follow a leaflet’s journey through the Ndigital studio. Remember, we use only market-leading paper brands, high-quality industry printers and precision guillotine machines, meaning there’s no alternative if you want quality and value. Get in Touch to Enquire About Your Leaflet If you like our video and you’d like some leaflets printed, or anything else for that matter, just give us a call on 01942 729548 or drop us a line here and we’ll come up with a quote that works for you.

A-boards and Pavement Signs

This week we’ve been printing and fitting some A-board signs, great advertisements for outside a shop or area of business. These eye-catching visuals are perfect for showing passers-by what exactly it is you do, a great talking point for your first interaction with a new customer.   Here’s an A-board we produced for one of our customers, as you can see each design really customises the end product:     What to Consider When Getting A-boards and Pavement Signs Made As with our roller banners and business cards, the thing to remember with making the most out of an A-board is your design. Ultimately what information you put on there and how you market yourself will determine its effectiveness. To help with some inspiration, think about your audience: who walks past every day? And at what time? There are many different factors that can go into a design, chat with us to get some ideas. Get in Touch To find out more, give us a call on 01942 729548, we’re happy to talk about your requirements. Alternatively, send an email to us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Printed Business Cards

This week we printed some business cards for one of our customers. A timeless business accessory and self-promotion tool, your business card says a lot about you and your business, so naturally what you have designed an printed on it will go a long way in making that vital first impression. Our customer wanted a simple design so that their details and brand were delivered clearly and efficiently:   Why Have a set of Business Cards? As mentioned above, a first impression is priceless, not only that, but making connections and giving people an easy way to be in touch is essential in today’s fast-paced business world. Compact, direct and to-the-point, a business card says more than you can in a quick-fire meeting, and it leave a lasting impression after you’ve gone. Customise Your Design As with everything we do, you can customise your design however you want it. Whether you plan on coming to us with a pre-designed design or ideas, or you want to leave it in the hands of our graphic design team, we can cater for your business cards design. Things to think about when coming up with a design for business cards are: c Colours used – what do they say about your business? Images – do you go simple and stripped-down or include bold images? Details – most importantly are all your details on there and are they accessible? If you’d like to think about any ideas then it helps to bear in mind the above points, however don’t worry if it sounds like too much to think about, as we have expert knowledge to do the hard parts for you! Want Your Own Business Cards? If you think a set of business cards are what you need, give us a call on 01942 729548, we’re happy to […]

Do I Pay VAT on Printed Products?

There can easily be cloud of confusion surrounding VAT on printed products, many of us know there are certain exceptions and rules, but what are they? To save yourself an awkward conversation next time you order some prints and think about asking the question, we’ve put together a simple guide to give you an answer. Do I Pay VAT on Printed items, or Do I Not? Depending entirely on the type of document and the format chosen, whether or not you pay VAT isn’t always a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Not the answer you were looking for? Read on to find out more. So What Do I Have to Pay VAT on? When it comes to printed goods, you’ll pay VAT on most standard formats: stationary, business cards, posters, tickets and letterheads etc. But you don’t pay VAT, however, on certain other types of printed goods. …and What Don’t I Have to Pay VAT on? HM Revenue & Customs say that, should you purchase leaflets, brochures, booklets or pamphlets, you are actually entitled to  pay zero VAT. The exact term HMRC use for these VAT-free printed products is those of an ‘ephemeral nature’, meaning that they are short-lived, throwaway pieces of print. The idea behind this is that you’ll use (or read) a leaflet a few times before you throw it away, whereas a other formats hold long-standing purposes. What Else Should I Know? Now you must be careful about what you use these leaflets for, as if they’re reused or written on, say for ticketing purposes, then they automatically void their status as a VAT-free product. This also happens when or if you choose to display the leaflet in a shop window, as it becomes a poster and, you guesses it, no longer VAT-free. Decide Which Format Works Best For you Think about what sort […]

Printed Roller Banners For Events

This week at Ndigital we produced a set of five colour roller banners for a customer’s upcoming exhibition. These banners ‘roll-away’ into secure, solid and durable metal containers, making them perfect for transporting (if you need to lug something up and down the country in the back of vans, these will take it!)   Why Have a Set of Roller Banners Made up? Our customer used their roller banners for an industry-specific exhibition, making them stand out amongst competitors in a busy environment, but that’s not all roller banners can be used for. You can use a roller banner for just about anything, some good uses are: a static sign at the entrance of a shop/office, promotional stand to show off seasonal offers, or to simply display information that requires more space. Another reason is portability. Roller banners are very portable, folding away into a compact cylindrical container that can be put in the back of a small car, be carried under your arm with ease, or stored away discreetly when not in use.   Your Custom Design – What Goes on a Roller Banner? Because of the large canvas of white space, there’s a lot to play around with space-wise on a roller banner. We’ll print your custom design so the banner becomes yours, this may be an existing design you’ve used for previous banners, or it may be something you haven’t yet designed. Here’s a run down of what to think about when designing your own roller banner: Get visual: First of all, the banner is at a size where images, logos and slogans can be maximised and blown-up, chances are you’re going to want to promote your business/organisation and get noticed, so use plenty of visuals. Use Your Head: Roller banners stand up tall, just like your customers, so make the most […]

Fitting Dry-wipe Noticeboards in Bolton

Our installation team were up and onsite early last week, as we paid a visit to one of our Bolton customers to fit ten dry-wipe noticeboards to help with their workflow and productivity. Our installer Lee was keen to get the job completed, making great use of our customer’s large stretch of bare wall, and putting some nice finishing touches in along the way. The Finer Detail Besides the custom print and the design aspect of this dry-wipe board (we’ll get to that later), this board was fitted with brushed aluminium fixings to give it a premium look and feel, perfect for a setting where you might have external customers or visitors walking around.   Why a Dry-wipe Board? A dry-wipe board is a multi-tool for business and home use, they can serve as as timetables, workflow organisers, or just somewhere to jot down quick ideas when inspiration strikes. The beauty of the dry-wipe boards we create is that they can be custom built for your needs, as you can see this particular customer wanted something that reflected their product lines, with each whiteboard detailing a different line. With this design, they are now able to utilise the boards for processes and timelines specific to these products, and the visual nature of the headings means that productivity can be increased by creating less mess and chaos usually associated with scraps of paper and frantic note-jotting. Of course, your dry-wipe board may have its own requirements: maybe it needs headings for sports club scores, areas to stick photos to, or maybe it just needs a personalised colour-scheme! Whatever the layout is, it can be effectively made into your custom dry-wipe board.   Need Something Similar Fitting For Your Business? If you think a dry-wipe board or a similar type of whiteboard setup would benefit your […]